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Real Estate & Golden Visa


Real Estate

  • Our Team of Lawyers has assisted foreign investors for more than 15 years
  • They invest in second homes, buildings, land, commercial premises, business, hotels, etc.
  • Our Clients come from different parts of the world

  • We give prompt responses, we are used to working with foreign buyers, are down to detail, have customer care skills and understand exactly what our clients need when we have our initial free meeting with them
  • Our Clients come from abroad to a country where they don’t know the rules, the culture and they need our guidance

Technical steps in Spain

  1. Free initial meeting with the Client at our offices, so we can understand their situation and see a global picture of what services they will require from us/what services will they need.
  2. Assist to our Clients in opening their Bank account in Spain, so they can transfer the funds from abroad to their Spanish account and do the final payment on completion. Spanish Banks have become more strict in controlling the source of the funds used for investment. You will need some assistance in preparing and providing the appropiate information to the Banks about the origino of the funds in order to proof their source.
  3. Preparation and assistance to our Clients with the signature of the Power of Attorney. In order to apply for the NIE ( Tax Identification Number fo Foreigners) and represent to our Clients on completion of the purchase of their properties in Spain before the Notary Public we will need that they give us power of attorney so we can act as their legal representatives in Spain.
  4. Assist our Clients in applying for their NIE number.
  5. Drafting and reviewing all the contracts related to the purchase: reservation contract, private contract so-called arras contract
  6. Preparation of a written legal report advising our Clients about any potential risk related to their investment. We check that the Seller has Good title, we check any encumbrances, liens, charges related to the property. Make sure the property is not affected by a planning regulation that will go against the interests of our Clients. We make enquiries to the Community of Owners and confirm if all the payments have been settled and there is no debts. The same with the utilities, making sure the Buyer will not have to pay for the debts of the Seller. Also with the property tax, we help our clients to confirm that is has been taken care by the Seller before completion takes place.
  7. Assisting our clients on completion, or acting on their behalf via power of attorney.
  8. Post completion matters as for example dealing with change of utility contracts or direct debiting the IBI receipt for yo


Q. If I invest in Spain, do I need to travel to Spain at any particular time?​
A. *You will need to be physically present in Spain when opening your bank account. Also, it is advisable that when you are in Spain you sign a power of attorney to give your legal representative faculties to represent you in Spain.*

Q. If I am non-resident, can I obtain a mortgage in Spain?​
A. *Yes, as long as the bank understands that you have enough funds to pay for your mortgage on a monthly basis. Usually, banks will finance a maximum of 60% of the investment.*

Q. What will the Spanish bank require from me when opening my account?​
A. *They will ask you for your identification, and the Bank will ask you to proof the origin of the funds. Therefore they will want to see your rental income, company accounts if investing via company, etc.*

Q. Is it better if I buy through a company?​
A. *If you are determined to do business in Spain, it may be better for you to invest through a company instead of buying as an individual.*

Q. I want to make sure that I buy the property free of liens, debts, charges and want to avoid all the risks. Who can help me?​
A. *Your Solicitor will undertake a Due Diligence where the result of the relevant searches shall be shown. If there are any risks, your solicitor will assist you in sorting them out and finding a solution.*

Golden Visa & Other Permits

  • We will assess you about foreign investment and advise you about the different permits/options you have if you want to live and work in Spain.
  • We will accompany you throughout the process from the beginning until you obtain your permit.
  • We will coordinate the timing of your investment with the preparation and filing of the application of the permit you qualify for.
  • We will assess you about the options you have to work and live in Spain, according to your circumstances and plans.

Golden Visa

Sorting out the documentation
for *the golden visa application*


Investing in real estate and obtainig the golden visa

Completion of the investment in Real Estate takes place


Application for the golden visa

Investor Visa (1Year)
Application submitted at the Spanish Consulate
at the country of residence
Residence permit (2 years)
Application submitted when you are in Spain


Applying for the the TIE


Collecting the TIE

Renewable every 5 years, with no effective residence in Spain.

Necessary Documents
Proof of investment, Proof of funds, Private Health Insurance, Passport, Criminal records, Proof of relationship


Q. Which family members can join the main investor?​
A. *The spouse or unmarried couple, children of minor age, children of legal age economically dependent, and parents of the main investor financially dependent*

Q. If the investment is done by a company, can I still obtain the Visa or residence permit?​
A. *Yes, as long as you are the main shareholder and the company is not domiciled in a Tax heaven.*

Q. What are the benefits of obtaining the Golden Visa?​
A. *With the Golden Visa you can live in Spain without having to be fiscal resident in Spain, as opposed to other residence permits such as for example the Wealth Visa, which requires that you spend more than 183 days in Spain and therefore become Spanish Tax resident.*

Q. Can we buy commercial premises?​
A. *The Law 14/2013 of 27th of September establishes that the interpretation of Real Estate investment can be very wide and therefore includes all sort of Real Estate assets: Parking espaces, commercial premises.*

Q. Can I obtain the Golden Visa even if I finance the investment with a mortgage?​
A. *Yes, it is possible to finance your investment and still obtain the Golden Visa, providing that you invest 500.000 Euros minimum from your own funds free of charge.*​


We take care of *You and your business*


Administration of Estates

We will provide you critical guidance about estate planning, and will help the beneficiaries to deal with the administration of cross-border estate with Spanish assets


Corporate Law

We will help you relocate your company by using the best vehicle structure, and will provide you with all the necessary assistance.


International Taxation

Plan your tax situation, whether you are an individual or a corporation, resident or non-resident.

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